Ryan David Dwyer at Piano

Explore the meaning of Life, Entrepreneurship, and Music Production with Ryan David Dwyer

Dear Internet Friend,

My name is Ryan David Dwyer. I’m on a personal mission to help individuals in society discover the Keys to Life, Entrepreneurship, and Music Creation that they already have. You can learn a lot from both my failures and successes.

I am a Songwriter, Storyteller, Philosopher, and Innovator. Am also doing my best to become a better communicator. You’ve landed on my website to try to figure out what I’m all about. Here is my best attempt to fill you in:

  • As a songwriter, I have always endeavored to create original music and lyrics that both I and the public enjoy. But what I am currently best known for is playing spontaneous ambient background piano music.
  • As a philosopher, I’ve journeyed inward and outward to explore Truth as both a universal and personal topic. Because no one’s experience or upbringing are the same then it is only reasonable to conclude that no one will interpret reality universally. Even though I’ve come to specific understandings I’m satisfied with I have no intention to coerce anyone to agree with my assessments. Sometimes I do make conscious efforts to expound my points of view. Take it or leave it, but never mistake it as dogma to be blindly followed.
  • As an innovator, I come up with Great Ideas. Some fail, some evolve and are successful, and others are put into the deep freezer of my mind until “microwaving” them seems like the best course of action.

In the spirit of friendship and networking,