I can’t force you to give up your preconceived ideas about being a Musicpreneur and/or Filmpreneur.

(Nor do I desire to.)


as your Sourceror… 

You can now source outreach/follow-up messaging through relevant research instead of using “manipulation tactics” (ie. sorcery)

As your SAGE…

You can now wisely choose what you say to prospects based on the who, where, when and why of their psychological awareness levels  


You can now sense your future state by knowing whether you are more aligned with “Industry” or “Business” in your present state

However, being your Soothsayer, Sage, and Sourceror Comes at a Price…
(Unfortunately, it is one money can’t buy)

You must complete a Majical Quest to Discover 3 Specific Epiphanies I call, “The Excaliber Mandate”:

#1: Industry vs business

“Sword in the Stone”

#2: Marketing vs selling

“Sword Unsheathed”

#3: Objection vs rejection

“Sword in Battle”

If you know you have a burning intention to journey onto such a quest, then I officially recognize you as a Noble Knight of Business Wisdom.

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