Ryan David Dwyer

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What is Philosophy?

No one can become “wise” in anything without asking, “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?” Unfortunately, we live in a society where anyone can become an expert with a degree for simply regurgitating knowledge, without testing what they’ve been told.

And while this is increasingly becoming a plague in Academia, Healthcare, and Scientific Communities, it also holds true for many religious societies.

Christendom’s Apostle Paul isn’t anything like Catholicism and Protestantism made him out to be: Paulos embraced diverse ideas outside his own belief system, as it proven by his sermon on Mars Hill to the Athenians in Acts chapter 17.

If you look at the image above and notice the image of the Iconic “Angel Moroni” who appeared to the founder of Mormonism, you’re correct.

In late April of 2023, I finally decided to give Joseph Smith’s writings a chance. 

What I discovered surprised me.

When I read his Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, and eventually Book of Mormon, I noticed something remarkable:

They contain the Universal Truth I had been exploring and accepting since the year 2001.

For over 20 years, I’d been sincerely seeking a way to encapsulate all my discoveries, ponderings, and conclusions.

Today, I can boldly state that all Truth – wherever it may be – is already Mormon. 

The official etymology that Joseph Smith ascribed to the word are partitioned in two ideas:

  1. Mor – More
  2. Mon – Good
Thus, a Mormon is anyone who desires to continually do good.
What is Good?
Evil is calamity.
And so, the opposite of Evil is Harmony – Goodness.
But I wish to interject a newer definition of Goodness by asking you a question:
Is it good to not know the Truth?
Alatheria – Truth – is Reality, wherever it may be.
And so, the discovery of Reality – in any form – is exposure to the Truth.
The Spirit of Reality, the Holy Spirit, is the Truthteller.
Truth-telling is part of doing More Good.
So, yes, the Holy Spirit is a Mormon.
Whenever someone claims to be associated with Mormonism who is not telling the truth about the good or bad aspects of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, or the LDS Culture – are not being Mormons.
Hopefully, I continue to live up to the title.
I love the word Mormon.
It sits right.
It feels right.
The idea of speaking more truth and doing more truth invigorates my soul.

The familiar term “Gospel” where we derive the concept of Good News, comes from “Good Spell.”

And if anyone were honest, they would confess that any True Gospel is one which casts a Good Spell upon you.

And then you would ask, “Isn’t spell casting bad?”


Now enters the mind of The Philosopher.

Philosophy comes from the Greek words Soph and Philo; respectively – Wisdom and Love. 

A Philosopher then, is one who Loves Wisdom.

The exquisite Philosopher, Apostle Paul, declared that the Sophia of the Cross is foolishness to the world. 

He even said there is a such a thing as “The foolishness of God.”

The moment the blood was shed through the spear of that compassionate Roman Centurian, the climax of all Philosophy was born into the world:

The Zero Point

-> In the Zero Point, all bets are off

-> In the Zero Point, there is neither positivity or negativity

-> In the Zero Point, all questions about the past and future are up for grabs

-> In the Zero Point, all proofs of a miracle worker seeming to be an Immortal Son of God cease

-> In the Zero Point, all claims have no substance

-> In the Zero Point, what one has felt in your innermost thoughts and feelings are despairingly doubted

Thankfully, that is not the end of The Story.

For 3 Days later, a Promised Resurrection occured.

But a Brand New Philosophical Dilemma is remembered:

The one who Rose Again once declared, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life.”

And so, we are forced to consider how it is possible for someone “to be” the Resurrection before they died.

So, there is a Stacking of Zero Points on top of each other!

At the Cross is the reaching of the Zero point from the Negative Side of reality.


In the Tomb is the reaching of the Zero point from the Neutral Middle of reality.


Resurrection is the reaching of the Zero Point from the Positive Side of reality.


Because that Resurrection is a State of Being, rather than an Event, I eventually embraced the following Parallel Paradigms:

Telestial Kingdom – Flesh – The Outer

Terrestrial Kingdom – Soul – The Inner

Celestial Kingdom – Spirit – The Innermost

For the above reasons, I assert that every human being is standing right now within the 3 Kingdoms of Reality.

When the Celestial Kingdom manifests into the Telestial, it is because a Soul realizes theirself as Spirit, thus they begin speaking Spiritual Words – due to the union of their Spirit and Flesh.

(That’s what is known as “Receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit.”)

Once a person has been guided to the Truth of their Celestial Identity, directly from the Spirit of Truth, they experience the Glory of the Celestial while in the current conditions of their body.

The Mosaic Temple and Latter Day Saint Temples, are structured with the 3 Perceptions in Mind – a Journey from the Outermost to the Innermost, or what the Hebrews called, “The Most Holy Place.”

I think I will be satisfied if I can impart to you this other Glorious Angle of these delightful Universal Concepts:

Telestial Kingdom = The Eternal Past

Terrestrial Kingdom = The Eternal Present

Celestial Kingdom = The Eternal Future

These are One Kingdom. 

And I would dare to say they embody the 3 Godhead Concepts:



Holy Spirit

And if they are One G-d Together, then there is a 4th Transcendent Idea:

The Superposition of the Past, Present, and Future.

When you correlate the Pearl of Great Price’s Book of Moses with Doctrine and Covenants 76, you will likely discover this:

The Telestial Kingdom is associated with the Metaphorical Symbolism of The Stars (Kokaubeam)

The Terrestrial Kingdom is associated with the Metaphorical Symbolism of The Moon (Olea)

The Celestial Kingdom is associated with the Metaphorical Symbolism of The Sun (Shinehah).

Hence, you would have the Kingdom of the Father – Kokaubeam, Kingdom of the Son – Olea, and Kingdom of the Holy Spirit – Shinehah.

Latter Day Saint doctrinal tradition has positioned the ideas of The 3 Kingdoms as places you go to when you die and/or after being forced resurrected later on into.

However, that notion can be quickly dispelled once you realize that Jesus said in the book of Luke,

“The Kingdom of God is inside you.”

So, one does not have to speculate and rely on Apocrphyal documents like The Gospel of Thomas, to find one of Jesus’s critical doctrines:

The Kingdom of Spirit is within us.

I point out now that the context for Him revelating such exquisite truth is correcting the Pharasees.

Because they supposed or imagined that The Kingdom would be coming from a physical location.

And after correcting that perspective, is when He emphatically declared, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Well, the word “within” in the Greek (and yes, I’m a student of Classical and Koine Hellene), is the same word He used another time when talking about the “inside” of a cup.

And of course, He was criticizing the outer religiosity of the Pharisees, since that they kept the outside of their selves clean, while inside they were ravenous wolves!

In summary…

All Doctrines which attempt to dangle a carrot in front of you to convert you to believe the 3 Kingdoms are “out there” somewhere, are not associated with Jesus.

And this is where a Philosopher like myself gets to have a lot of fun…

Because the Telestial Kingdom is associated with the Greek word “Tele”, a word Joseph revelated, despite not knowing Greek. 

And you wanna know what Tele means?

I’ll “Tel” you (no pun intended).

It means:

Far Away

And so, Joseph Smith, who claimed alongside Sydney Rigdon, that the Telestial Glory (Appearance) is like the Stars, were exceedingly correct.

And do I have to point out again that neither of them knew Greek yet?

Smith was first introduced to Beginner Greek by his associate, Oliver Cowdery, some 2 years later.


The Grand Point is this:

The Sun and Moon are “Near” but the Stars are “Far Away.”

And so, all Spiritual Perception which asserts a God or Spirituality that is Far Off, is coming from a Fleshly Telestial Perspective!

And so, we can now understand why the sacrifice of Jesus was so vital…

Because it represented the end of religion:

The moment His Blood was shed, there was a magnificent earthquake and the Veil to the Most Holy Place of the Temple was removed.

Do you recall my correspondence of the Most Holy Place earlier?

I Paralleled the following:

Celestial Kingdom/Most Holy Place/Spirit…

Here’s some more:

The Eternal Future/Pure Spirit World/

In the same way that all planets are “frozen sparks” of the Suns they encircle, so it has also been hypothesized that all Suns are Active Sparks of One Central Star.

In the Telestial Kingdom, there is a Star mentioned in the Book of Abraham called, “Kolob.”

When I examind potential Hebrew etymology for the word, I partitioned it in two ways:

  1. Kol – All/Every
  2. Ob/Ab – Father

In other words, the Kolob concept is the philosophical basis of the All-Father source for which every Solar System derives from.

Since that Father God, in my claimed concept represents “The Eternal Past,” then you could likely see why Kolob might represent, “The CenterPoint of all Material Reality.” 

It might even be where the theoretical “Big Bang” originated.

The Lord says to Abraham about Kolob, “It is nearest my throne.”

Of course, the concept of Throne must be properly explored.

(It doesn’t necessarily mean a place, but rather, “A position from whence a King governs all his affairs.”)

Hence, maybe why Kolob is referred to as, “The governing one.”

When referencing the Psalmist’s concept that, “A Day with the Lord is as a Thousand Years, and a Thousand Years as a Day,” Apostle Peter brought up the idea of “The Day Star rising in your heart.”

This is rather curious, because Apostle Paul declared that confessing Jesus as Lord and believing “in” your heart that God raised him from the dead, makes one “saved.”

Saved from what though?

(You see, the Philosopher’s Mind is always useful!)

On point: how can a Star rise within one’s heart?

Well, apparently the Resurrection is associated with the Star Concept.

And The Book of Abraham declares that Kolob operates upon the same principle that Peter brought to light: a Millenium is like a Day and a Day like a Millennium.

I surmise that what Kolob really represents is Einstein’s, “Theory of Relativity” in action!

From the standpoint of our Physical Bodies – the Telestial Perspective – Kolob might be Trillions of Light Years away.

However, from the standpoint of our Spirits – the Celestial Perspective – Kolob might be an Interdependent Unified Reality within everyone.

And the Middle Perspective – our Souls – are trapped between the Two Worlds.

This might be the meaning of the Parable of the abyss between Paradise and Hades and the reference to “Abraham’s Bosom.” 

Without The Gospel – Resurrection Message, every soul is perpetually confused, not knowing whether to identify with the body or the spirit.

The lowermost perspective of the Telestial World is known as “hell.”

It is an ongoing agony that exists as a result of not being aware of or having willingly rejected one’s Spiritual Identity.

Kolob seems to be a Physical Material Reality which is fully One or Centered around the Spiritual Celestial. 

Hence, a striving for or attempt to understand the All Father, is an attempt to understand the Eternal Past. 

And this is where Science comes into play.

All Science is an attempt to understand the All Father.

Philosophy, on the other hand, is an attempt to understand the Eternal Future.

It is the Gateway to accepting the Gift of the Holy Spirit -> the Future in the Now.

More on Kolobian contemplations.

Astronomers say that there is a Central Star which also governs what is called, “The Precession of the Equinoxes,” that Ancient Astrologers associated with divided up these 26,000 year periods of time into the 12 Zodiac Ages.

The Zodiac Ages are around 2,100 years each.

Incidentally, the earth’s North Pole rotates very slowly at 2,100 year intervals according to the Precession.

Hence, there is a different North Star every couple thousand years!

If you really want to dive into the Philosophical Rabbit Hole with me today, you could accept that every New Age is a Resurrection, and the Old Age gets buried. 

And so, the Lord of Time, presumably Jesus arising in our hearts as Kolob, indicates we confess His Lordship over Time in how He keeps coming back again and again during every New Age.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace.

The Border of Every Age is The Zero Point.

This explains the “Lamb Slain from before the foundation of the world” concept John talked about.

A New Age is the Death of the Old.

And so, there is a New Identity for that One Christ.

I strongly believe Enoch, Melchizedek, Jesus, are that One Christ.

Then, you might I ask…”Who is the next identity?”

I’ll let you explore and come to your best conclusion…

Within the grander Astrological Aeons of 2 Millenniums are smaller Millennial Periods, of which Joseph Smith defined as 7 Dispensations:

  1. Adam
  2. Enoch
  3. Noah
  4. Abraham
  5. Moses
  6. Jesus
  7. Joseph Smith

At the very least, they are Accurate Markers for critical points in history.

If they are part of a genuine Spiritual Reality, they unfold a likely meaning to the repeated pattern of Sevens in John’s cryptic “Apocalypse.” 

And the emphasis on the Number 6, a Sign Post, a Marker of the Dispensation 90 A.D. was within – that of Yehoshua.

A False Jesus was manufactured by the Roman Government who possessed two qualities:

  1. The Only Son of God
  2. The Schitsophrenic Love of God

And basically, Protestantism came along to inspire the world to worship the 1st Beast, by making a “Canon of Scripture” associated with the number 66.

The original Greek doesn’t use the words, “Forever and ever,” to describe the torment, though.

Instead, it uses the words, “Aeons of Aeons,” which translated into English would mean, “Ages belonging to other Ages.”

And you will get modern Greek speakers who protest such an epiphany and say, “That is wrong! Aeon means eternal.”

And that is because they speak contemporary Greek.

Unfortunately, most Biblical Koine Greek “scholars” changed the original meaning over time.

It was originally a Farming Term, denoting Cycles which repeat themselves.

And if you were to examine the Astrological Ages and Joseph Smith’s Dispensational Ages, you will realize that the 7,000 Year Dispensations and the 26,000 Grand Cycle all repeat themselves.

One might join the prophet Ezekiel as a Philosopher and say, “Oh yes! these are ‘wheels within wheels” alright…”

My grander point in saying all this in very general terminology is to provide meat to those of you my readers who love philosophy, but also milk to those who are just starting to become acquainted with it.

For every Millennial Dispensation experiences its own Zero Point Death, Burial, and Resurrection.

Every Astrological Eon experiences its own Zero Point Death, Burial, and Resurrection.

And now for a grand climax…

Because the Master did say, “I am the Resurrection.”

Might one most plausible meaning include the idea that Jesus was identifying with being a Perpetual Entity that keeps coming back again and again to inaugurate each New Age?

Well, if you read the Book of Enoch, The Book of Moses, and what Jesus said about, “No one knows the Day nor the Hour but my Father in heaven…” then you might arrive at the same Magnificent Conclusion which fills my soul with exquisite joy…

But why should I spoil the fun of the discovery for you now?

I’m writing a huge body of work that covers all the topics I touched on above, and it dives deep into proper contexts and proof points.

For now, I encourage you to read this page at least 3 times to authentically ponder whether what I’ve written is true.