Ryan David Dwyer

“The Research Alchemist Wizard”

At the age of 14, a gymnastics coach of mine introduced me to a Greek professor friend of his, who wrote two books. 

This interaction was a turning point with long term consequences.

He said to me, “Greek is a pure language; it doesn’t matter which order you place the words, the meaning will turn out the same.”

You wouldn’t expect a freshman in high school to endure a mid-life crisis, but my inner world was turned upside-down by my unexpected discoveries. 

As a Christian evangelist, I was fixated upon particular paradigms that I thought the early Apostles taught.

However, what I observed in Koine, New Testament Greek, painted a much different story.

Who was I to question the “experts?”

What shocked me even more is that it didn’t make sense to me how the professor could hold his particular theological viewpoints, since that he was seeing the same things I was.

(At that time, I didn’t know about the psychological phenomena of The Mandela Effect and Gaslighting.)

The Mandela Effect is a form of Group Think where entire people clusters believe something occurred which did not; this is not intentional.

Gaslighting, on the other hand is intentional.

Gaslighting happens when someone wishes you to believe something did happen which did not, or something did not happen which did.

My Discovery:

My foremost epiphany has to do with the word “En” from which we derive our familiar English “in.” 

New Testament translators have always just kept the phrase “In Christ” without taking into consideration the process of elimination.

In the Dative Case, En can mean one of 4 Things:

  1. Of Place
  2. Of the State, Condition, Position, in which one is
  3. Of the Instrument, Means, or Manner
  4. Of Time

Below I have included 4 Screenshots from my Greek reference app by Persius.

The Greek New Testament I bought at age 14, mentioned 3 of the above – Place, State of Being, and Instrumentation. 

The process of elimination when consideration of In Christ is simple:

Does In Christ have to do with a Place?


Does In Christ have to do with a Means or Manner?


Does In Christ have to do with something occurring at a specific time?


But we have one more possibility:

Does In Christ have to do with a State, Condition, or Position?

What is the most likely scenario?

The duty of a translator is to assess the most plausible meaning.

This can only be conducted through Context.

What is the Context of most In Christ statements?

The first is the meaning of the word Christ itself:


To be Anointed is a Condition, a State of Being.

Thus, the most plausible translation should be:

“A State of Being Anointed.”

Now, it might be justifiable to still use the phrase In Christ after the reader is exposed to proper plausible meaning.

The problem is that English has no equivalent word to “En” in regards to describing a State of Being.

When you read again every instance of In Christ with this new Understanding, what type of exhilarating freedom do you experience?

Read it like this:

“A State of Being Anointed.”

You see, although Christ is a Noun – Person, Place, or Thing, Christ only refers to a specific person when the particle “The” is beforehand. 

We encounter “Toh” in front of Theon – the word for God – all the time.

In those instances, one should translate to The God instead of the shortened God.

However, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue to suit our English prejudices, so we are comfortable just saying God.

The problem is that “The God” is a description of a specific kind of God being addressed.

To the Monotheist, it might seem like a mute-point to need to mention the definitive participle, because we assume there is no such thing as any God but the One True One.

However, in the days of Peter, James, and John, the Greco-Roman culture regarded nearly everything as a god.

Jews were considered Atheists because they refused to have an effegy or idol representation of Yahweh. 

When the Apostle Paul gave his famous sermon to the Athenians on Mars Hill, in Acts 17, he pointed out a statue with the enscription, “To an Unknown god.” 

Then he proceeded to explain who the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is.

In order to win their hearts, he quote 2 different Greek poets, one of which said, “In Him we live, move, and have our being.”

Notice that I bolded and underlined in and being?

This returns us to the imperative need for correct translations!

Because the process of elimination dictates that “En” should be translated as, “A State of Being” due to the most potent fact that the word Being is used in the sentence.

There is no doubt!

An honest translator would say,

“A State of Being Him we live, move, and have our Being.”

To seal the deal of meaning, Paul proceeded to explain that every human being is the Seed – Spermatazon – of God.

Then, he wrapped up his sermon by referring to the resurrection of Jesus, without mentioned the name of Jesus.

And so…

Context dictates that the True Meaning of the Resurrection is to demonstrate that we are God’s Seed, a State of Being real Children.

All the Scriptures support the above assessment. 

For instance, when Jesus became Anointed – Christ – it was accompanied by a statement, “This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well accepted.”

Paul declared that being buried in the water correlates to Jesus’s burial in the tomb.

Inference dictates that the Raising Up out of the Water is symbolic of being “Raised with Christ.”

What we learn is the Holy Spirit Baptism – receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit – is when God confirms that we are His Seed – Children – States of Being Him.

For most who have brainwashed themselves with Roman and England based theologies, facing these hardcore truths is difficult.

At the end of the day, do you care more about your conditioning or the truth?

To be “In Christ” is a statement that you are in a Condition of Being Anointed.

If you’re not Anointed by God, then you’re not yet In Christ. 

Anyone who is Anointed is a Christ.

Jesus said, “Many will come in my name saying, ‘I am anointed’ but will deceive many.”

That’s the true translation. 

In the year 2000, I was disgruntled with God and my insecurities about knowing way too much.

As a teenager, I encountered these types of intentional anomalies all the time!

I decided to throw my Bible in the garbage can and cut ties with Christendom.

That was a blessed day; I never intended to read the book again.

I ended up studying Astrology, Metaphysics, Qabalah, Buddhism, Philosophy, and Psychology. 

My research on a vast array of topics always contained the aim to see if there is a silver lining between them all.

I discovered continuity in the midst of subjects which seem completely unrelated.

 The continuum of Truth is what I love to think of as, “The Omnipresence of God.” 

More recently I’ve adopted this Triune Idea:

  1. God the Father is our sense of the Eternal Past
  2. God the Son is our sense of the Eternal Present
  3. God the Holy Spirit is our sense of the Eternal Future

Of course the word “God” means so much more than most religious people are conditioned to believe.

Theon shares the same root branching as our modern word Theory.

In truth, God is the Theory of Everything.

The reason is that God Is Everything.

This is why we have scriptures referring to the Father and/or Christ as, “Over all, through all, and in all.”

Of course, the All isn’t talking about only Christians.

Anyone trying to manipulate the text to suggest that will have to try to explain a consistent interpretation to say that “Over All” is referencing only Christians.

Most Christians would not attempt to say the verse means that God is only over them.

To be consistent, the reader must accept that Over All, in All, and through All is talking about everyone, anyone, everywhere.

It was Paul who wrote those verses stating such things.

Are we surprised since he quoted the Grecian poets and stated, “A State of Being Him we live, move, and have our being?”


“And you shall know the truth; and the truth shall set you free.”

As you can surmise, I ended up reading the Bible again.

It wasn’t until April of 2023, over twenty years later, due to a meeting with the book author, David Howitt, that the Spirit made it clear to me I needed to dive back into the study of Greek.

(David wrote a book called Heed Your Call.)

I immediately returned home with fresh vigor and began to write a book called, “The Enkrystos Revelation.”

Stay tuned for its release…

Ingrained into my psyche is the fact that just because people have specific titles, degrees, or even know a lot in their fields, doesn’t correlate to whether they correctly apply their knowledge. 

You can tell that I’m dedicated to sharing The R.A.W. Truth.

That is one reason why I often refer to myself as, “The Research Alchemist Wizard: Soothsayer of the R.A.W. Truth.”

Wizardry is simply any act of using Wizdom.

There is an ancient document about the higher meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet called The Sefir Yetzirah which states, “Be wise in understanding and understanding in wisdom.”

King Solomon pursued a discipline of realizing that neither Wisdom or Understanding are good enough by themselves. 

Receiving the Truth and understanding it are not the same things.

Conversely, understanding something doesn’t guarantee a wise application.

That bears to mind the truth that Interpretation and Translation are not the same.

Anyone who believes they don’t have bias which influences translation are lying to you.

I have plenty of biases.

That’s why we need the Holy Spirit to guide into all Truth, so that we surrender our prejudices at all times.

Hopefully, I will continue to be a vessel for the Light.

As promised, here is evidence below regarding the Greek word En, as I claimed above: