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This post can and should be deleted! We’ve installed the Elementor Page Design Plugin (Free Version) on your site. WordPress uses its default “Gutenberg” Blocks Designer that allows very basis design of pages and posts. What you are seeing here is a Gutenberg text block. If you do not plan on using your website as a blog, then you won’t have to worry about posts or configuring a blog page.

However, since you are likely going to be acquiring fans to join your membership portal then you should know that ANY page or post can be “content gated” according to membership level. To help ensure you have a successful experience we’ve installed the following plugins…

  • WooCommerce —> sell ANYTHING as products with an official checkout experience
  • Printful (Integrates with WooCommerce so you can have unlimited inventory to brand your logos and images on merchandise such as T-shirts, Mugs, Pillows, etc. — Printful handles all the shipping!)
  • CartFlows —> welcome to your Business Person superpowers…let the technology and streamlined design of this plugin guide your buyers to more purchases, even if your main product includes a Free Trial (this means you have more chances to upsell from any starter product. Example #1: If starter product is Merchandise, you can upsell them to your Fan Club. Example #2: If starter product is Fan Club, you can upsell them to Merchandise as an “add to cart”
  • Creative Mail (By Constant Contact) —> Trust me, you NEED this…it is SUPER inexpensive to upgrade too for creative automated email sequences for your Email Lists…this will handle all the necessary emails you need for your WooCommerce Store to professionally communicate properly
  • Mailjet —> This handles “Email Sending Delivery”, basically the “reputation” of emails sent from your website so that spam filters have a hard time sending them to spam or the dreaded Gmail “promotions” folder [hard to escape that even with this but it increases the odds of guaranteed emails that your fans/clients will see]…Mailjet is a separate company who has to verify you own your website; the setup process is quite complicated but WORTH IT. If their own documentation seems confusing, just contact us and we will help you overcome this annoying yet mandatory obstacle…

Plugin extensions that normally cost money but are accessible for no additional charge to you through the General Public License (GPL) workaround:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions —> permits collecting revenue on a monthly basis with flexible subscription products (required for WooCommerce Membership to work)
  • WooCommerce Memberships —> the basis for your Fan Club (protect any page, post, or category of content so that only those subscribed to a specific membership level have access —> be your very own Patreon without their big CUT from your overall sales)
  • CartFlows Pro —> Let’s just say your “upsell” and “bump offer” capabilities are going to feel like majic

[SPECIAL NOTE: Some WordPress Plugins we provide you’d normally pay hundreds of dollars for per year to access —> for instance, WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Memberships. We’re able to install these through what is called, “GPL” a General Public License. Since WordPress is opensource [Technically Free], the requirement for plugin developers is that they also have to permit anyone who has obtained – even the paid versions of their plugins – to issue those plugins in any manner they desire. You might ask then, “How do plugin developers make any money?” They charge for “License Activations” and “Support”.

In essence, plugin developers DESERVE to be compensated for their work, but they are only legally allowed to do 2 things:

  1. Provide automatic updates in the WordPress Dashboard [usually done through an official license key]
  2. Provide priority support [handled on their own websites]

However, because they know how to encrypt their code properly to not automatically update the Paid Versions of their plugins, it is almost impossible to update without a license. And guess what? It is ESSENTIAL to update plugins…because hackers are always attempting to exploit older versions. This is one way to keep your site secure.

WordPress Plugin Manufacturers CANNOT legally prevent someone who has the latest version of their plugin from sharing it, manually installing it, or letting you install it —> however they CAN make it very hard to do so, and its understandable because they need to make money…Additionally, paying for official licenses and getting the latest versions directly from them is WISE because you don’t want a random person on the Internet installing malicious code as a bonus to their “generosity”. Ha. I think you understand.

Nonetheless, many companies like WooCommerce have a MONOPOLY in the marketplace, and can get away with charging pretty much whatever they want. They even have over 1 Million installs! So yes, it’s a great plugin…Even though their main plugin is Free, their extensions like “Subscription” and “Membership” are way over priced so that most startup companies or musicpreneurs like you can’t budget for that on top of the other expenses to run a website and properly market. So, we came up with a TEMPORARY SOLUTION to let you take advantage of many essential WooCommerce extensions:

GPL Vault Plugin Auto-Updater

WE PAY for the GPL Vault Plugin…GPL Vault pays for the licenses of a vast library of WordPress Plugins and their plugin automates the updates of the advanced versions of plugins such as WooCommerce Membership and WooCommerce Subscriptions. IF WooCommerce had a business model which would allow us to own a license for unlimited sites or a set amount of sites, we would pay them for that license — but they DON’T. That is an unusual business practice in the WordPress ecosystem, as most plugin manufacturers offer the capability to purchase bulk licenses at a discounted price. So, if we were to acquire a license PER SITE that means we’d have to pay $300 or more per client out of our own pockets, which means somehow adding on that charge to you!

Now you see the dilemma? You might be wondering…is it unethical to access advanced versions of plugins that normally cost a lot of money and make them available to you? I’ve asked myself this question in a variety of ways…The answer is easy:


Because Plugin Developers KNOW going in that they MUST comply with the WordPress Terms of Service, which means GPL (General Public License). For specific information about GPL from the official WordPress site click here.

Again, they can only charge for 2 things…1) Support 2) Automatic Updates. The second one is where this gets complicated…because the only way to “manually” update a plugin is to have the latest version and install it! GPL Vault regularly keeps the latest versions of the plugins we have pre-installed. There are 3 ways we could get updates to your site:

  1. Manually install the latest versions ourselves
  2. Make the latest versions available in a file for you to download
  3. Use GPL Vault’s auto-updater plugin to do the job for us both

Now you see why point #3 is the better option? Your template site SHOULD already have every plugin at their latest version because of our regular maintenance. However, IF for some reason a plugin has a message that says, “automatic update failed” just IGNORE it. Firstly, sometimes that message is an error between the plugin and the server which handles update communications. Secondly, every so often some plugins interfere with each other and cause update processes to fail. Thirdly, contact us for support if you’re ever worried and we’ll take care of it!

LAST but not least…

Mujilotia is a Music Business Oasis. Our goal is for you to experience Independence and Success with your goals. This means that we WANT you to be Dependent but NOT Codependent! So, even if we share our own licenses to advance plugins (that permit us to do that), we highly encourage you to use your newfound profits to buy your own licenses. That way…you CAN go directly to the plugin developers and justly support them for creating benefits that have impacted your music career.

SPECIAL NOTE: All FREE Versions of WordPress Plugins can easily be set to “automatic update”. It’s just the Paid Versions which are normally “gated” by official license keys in order to function properly.

Finally, no plugins that you received today WITH your site template are not required by us. As matter of fact, the WordPress plugin depository has handfuls of membership plugins with AMAZING reputations. However, we’ve discovered that the BEST Free one is called, Paid Memberships Pro [of course has a paid upgrade]. You can begin to setup a membership site and collect money through Stripe or PayPal without WooCommerce and without their Subscription or Membership extensions. So, if you want to get rid of WooCommerce you can most definitely do that! However, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Paid Memberships Pro CAN be integrated with WooCommerce
  2. Integration requires that you have WooCommerce Subscriptions
  3. WooCommerce Subscriptions costs (as of today) $199
  4. WooCommerce has their own Membership plugin Extension ($199)
  5. If you know you want WooCommerce and you’re going to have to pay $199 to integrate with PMP you might as well just buy their Membership plugin as well for a total of $398
  6. Or you can use WooCommerce and their 2 Extensions at NO CHARGE through our integration with GPL Vault

My philosophy is this: WooCommerce Extensions are likely to play well together so choosing the purity of one company’s own updates in their own ecosystem is a great choice.

The incredible powers of WordPress are opened up to you now!

Just remember this…

It’s “tempting” to want to randomly add plugins…Try to avoid that temptation! The LESS plugins the better for any web server. What we have installed for you is based on many years of our own research…We also test on our own sites to see how well plugins play with each other! There’s really not much of a need to add anything else.

ALWAYS look at the number of installs and the reviews and do Google searches to see which WP Plugins are known to have conflicts with each other…especially if you’re considering replacing what we’ve installed with other ones.

BONUS —> Even though we do not offer official support for any of the plugins, we DO use them and are very knowledgeable on their functionality. So, if/when you get stuck (because guess what??? that always happens) and the tutorial videos or articles from these various companies seem lacking in clear explanation, we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.

-Ryan David Dwyer, Founder of Archmerlin LLC, Mujilotia, Mujical Websites, and Mujibot

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